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What's your impact story?


Impact, storified

Striking the right chord with corporate responsibility and sustainability communications is difficult. Raters, rankers, and even some customers need comprehensive data, and everyone else wants to see a compelling story that is authentic and additive to your brand.

You need to stand out from your competitors for the right reasons. Digital communications centered around data and storytelling are critical to creating a cohesive narrative that illustrates the impact your company is creating in the world.


Watching change is not an option


Your vision +
our action

You know your brand. You know what needs to be said, especially when it comes to your brand's CSR initiatives and impact. Here's what we do:

  • We deliver your vision with a clear action plan and create a narrative that’s greater than the sum of its parts.
  • We tell your brand’s impact story through a highly engaging digital platform: the world has gone mobile, and a PDF doesn't cut it anymore. 
  • We contextualize your progress across sustainability and responsibility metrics. We dig deep within your data to find stories and unlock new opportunities.

Transparency = Stories + Stats


Do good, Do tell

We help sustainability and CSR executives at large brands. We:

  • Create interactive impact reports that breathe new life into sustainability performance with data visualizations and compelling stories
  • Develop digital stories and documents that tell a brand’s impact story
  • Strengthen an existing sustainability program or build new capabilities through discovery and analysis, unlock value creation opportunities
  • Connect social and environmental data to the business in a way that will get more attention in the boardroom

Shared value = sharing stories


Who We Are

Yes! We are a consortium of three North American sustainability, design, and development firms focused on telling the important stories of brands' social and environmental impact. We don't mess around. All of us work with large (and small) companies, helping them define, refine and advance their impact.

Mightybytes is a digital agency with a 20-year track record helping conscientious companies, sustainable brands, and large nonprofits increase sales and donations, drive qualified leads, and improve conversions. Mightybytes is a Certified B Corporation in Chicago.

Manoverboard is a purpose-driven design studio that provides digital platforms, communications strategies, and impact reports to socially responsible businesses. Manoverboard is a Certified B Corporation in Winnipeg, Canada.

Third Partners offers a full suite of sustainability services including strategy, analytics, reporting, life cycle assessment, supply chain management, and carbon footprint management. Third Partners is based in New York City.


Brands consistently struggle to generate actionable and energizing insights from their sustainability data. And they have a tough time translating their stories through digital channels.

We meet the needs of raters and rankers AND employees, customers, and investors by creating a cohesive, compelling narrative of a brand's corporate responsibility. We do this with grace and integrity and care. 

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